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Thanks to Sourceforge for being there.

It has been over two years now since my adopting this project, it is still under active developement and getting better. It has been almost usable for most of the last two years, and now is starting to get some extra nice things to make it more then just minimally useful.

I just added some new features: (newest at the top)

  • The ability to put a price and availiable quantity on the ads now.
  • The ability to directly make an offer on an ad.
  • The author of an ad can accept or decline any offer.
  • Notices of what's new since one last loged in.
    • New members.
    • New ads.
    • Needed feedback (ratings).
  • Ratings (feedback) system, to give a higher confort level when dealing with someone you do not know well.
    This works now, it did not until about Jan 4 2011.
There new features were quit borken and need quit some fixing. Which I finally found the time to do arount newyears.
Some other new features are in the works near term and once they are done a new release is expected.

WebLETS is being used for a new LETS called ManasotaLETS (formally MarsLETS.)
This LETS is open to anyone, see the site for details.

Let me know of your WebLETS based LETS and I'll list it here.

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